Tugas Softskill Materi Bulan Ke Empat

Exercise 37 : Relative Clauses
page : 138

1. Which
2. Which
3. To whom
4. Whose
5. That
6. Whom
7. Whose
8. Who
9. That
10. That
11. Whose
12. Whom
13. Who
14. That
15. Whose

Exercise 38 : Relative Clause Reduction
page : 139
1. George is the man chosen to represent the committee at the convention.
2. All of the money accepted has already been released.
3. The papers on the table belong to Patricia.
4. The man brought to the police station confessed to the crime.
5. The girl drinking coffee is Mary Allen.
6. John's wife, a proffessor, has written several papers on this subject.
7. The man talking to the police man is my uncle.
8. The book in the top shelf is the one that i need.
9. The number of student having been counted is quite high.
10. Leo evans, a doctor, eats in the restaurant every day.


Defining Relative Clause
used to replace the person who serves as a subject

Fini is angry.
She has just lost in the game.
Fini who has just lost in the game is angry.

Who place after the word that was replaced.
The people were mostly young soldiers.
They were k illed during the war.
They in the second sentence refers to the combination of the two people and a resident of the sentence.
The people who were k illed during the war were mostly young soldiers.

used to replace the phrase that serves as object.

The men are angry.
I don’t lik e the men.
The men whom I don’t lik e are angry.
Lea lives in Thailand.
Brade loves her very much.